Right From The Origin Of Arrows Of Love

Arrows of Love is a musical group that is based in London. It focuses on writing songs as well as different performance styles. arrow of love-1Nuha Ruby Ra and Nima Teranchi are the creative partners who lead the group. Other members swap in and out during various shows and tours. The group is indeed dynamic and a continually evolving force. The live shows that are fiercely energetic keep all the members together. The trademark of the group, however, lies in writing original songs. In the United Kingdom, the PRSF’s honorary Momentum Award was given to the Arrows of Love band in the recent past.

arrow of love -2

Mikko Gordon and Bob Weston have decided to produce and master the second album of the group. Recently, the Arrows of Love band together with California’s Meatbodies toured Europe. They also performed in the USA during CMJ Music Marathon and by the Southwest Festival. The group has achieved some legendary likes from the much-admired US musician, Mike Watt and the famous British band, The Fall. The first album of Arrows of Love had brought together different musicians during the recording. Lyndsey Lupe was the female vocalist. On guitars were Oliver Martin, Luis Felber, and Alex Pyper. Drums was played by Wim Eden. Rufus Miller and Mike Frank were other notable musicians.

Earpods vs Headphones: Which One Should You Get?

Earpods vs Headphones: Which One Should You Get?

There has been quite a fuss since Apple introduced its earpods. This is just like the regular headphones but without the messy wires. Of course, this is the main premise of the brand. They want to eliminate the difficulty of untangling the wires when using the device.

There are advantages and disadvantages in using earpods as opposed to in-ear headphones.

To begin with, you will feel more comfortable with earpods in terms of how they fit your ears. They are designed in such a way that they do not easily drop even if you are in motion. They are also considered the best headphones for small ears. You won’t have to worry about adjusting them since they automatically fit in your ear. In-ear headphones, on the other hand, come in different sizes. You can easily find one that fits your ears. However, in general, the ones available on the market have the same size and they could be quite challenging to use in terms of their fit.

Sound quality

Both devices provide high-quality sounds. The only problem with earpods is that they don’t have the ability to totally isolate the sound from the environment. You can easily hear what is going on around you even if you have the device on. The solution is to increase the volume, but it may cause discomfort. The advantage is that you remain aware of what is going on in your surroundings. You are not completely isolated. However, if you want total isolation and focus on what you are doing, the headphones are perhaps the best possible options.

Water resistance

Both devices are not considered water or sweat resistant. They can still absorb moisture and it could be a bit of a problem. However, earpods are slightly better in this category.

In general, it is really up to you on which device you think would be perfect for your needs. However, if you are on a tight budget, you definitely have to let go of earpods. For now, their prices are sky high while headphones have been there for a long time. They have cheaper versions you can easily buy.

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Are Wellington Boots A Good Idea For Your Next Music Festival?

Are Wellington Boots A Good Idea For Your Next Music Festival?

Wellington boots or wellies are no longer just used for walking your pet around or gardening. These boots have become fashion items that even celebrities wear, especially now that they come in various designs. There are various styles and types that will fit every person’s personal taste. Wellies are also popularly used in music festivals. Look around and you’ll surely find a lot of people wearing them. If you’re planning to attend a music festival in the near future, it’s best to invest in comfortable Wellington boots that will be perfect for the weather.

They are lightweight and easy to clean, so even if you will walk for miles, which is typical in most music fests, you will still feel comfortable as long as you chose the best fit. You don’t have to worry about dirt and mud sticking to your shoes as you can easily spray or wash them with water. If it suddenly rains, that’s not a problem too as wellies are waterproof. If you’re considering on getting a pair of wellies for the next festival that you will be attending, here are some factors that you need to consider for the best purchase.

Choose the Best Fit

In any footwear, it’s important that you get those that fit your feet perfectly for maximum comfort. This is true with Wellington boots. Find one that is perfect for your feet, especially there will be a lot of standing, walking, and jumping that will take place at the music festival. It’s always good to try the shoes, preferably with your socks on so you’ll know exactly how they will fit on you.

Select the Length

These boots like regular leather boots also come in varying heights. There are those that are as high as the knee and those with a lower cut. If you’re going to the festival in a rainy and cold weather, go for higher length wellies to secure your legs or pants from water, and mud, as well as to make you feel warmer. If the weather is hot, go for boots with a lower cut so your feet will have more room to breathe.

Select the Lining

You’ll need to warm yourself if attending a winter music festival. Pair your thick coat with Wellington boots that come with lining. While wellies are naturally warm, these linings will make them even warmer, and there are various types of inner linings to choose from. Fur linings do not just offer warmth but style too. Wellies with fur linings are great if the temperature is from 0 to -15 degrees Celsius. Neoprene and leather are also good for temperature lower than 0 degree Celsius.  For temperature higher than 0 degree Celsius, go for a Jersey lining. What’s even better is that there are now wellies with linings that can be used in cold weather and can be removed if it turns hot.

Choose the Design

There are a wide variety of designs to choose from nowadays when it comes to wellies. From simple to colourful and flowery boots, you can find something that will fit your personality and taste and will match perfectly with your music festival outfit. There are also wellies that come with high heels, in case you prefer that.

Ensure Durability

The durability of the wellies is also very important as you want to make them last long so you can use them for many more festivals to come and get the value for your money. Some wellies are made from rubber, while others are made from plastic. While the latter are usually cheaper than the ones made with rubber, they often get easily damaged. It’s recommended that you get those that are made from rubber as this material is sturdy so you can expect your wellies to last longer.

Make sure to go over these tips when shopping and choosing your wellies. You’ll have a fantastic time at the music festival if you feel comfortable with your Wellington boots and you love how they look on you. Ensure the quality of the wellies that your purchase to get your money’s worth. Always check the reviews and feedback in websites like Shoe Ratings for help you in making the decision on which wellington boots to purchase.

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How to Achieve that Rock Star Look

How to Achieve that Rock Star Look

How to Achieve that Rock Star LookBecoming a rock star is not just about the quality of your voice or the ability to engage the audience during a performance. It is also about the way you look. You must be a complete package the moment you hit the stage. By looking like a rock star, even without opening your mouth yet, people will start screaming and cheering for you.

Find the right outfit

Rock stars are usually comfortable with the way they look. They are not afraid to push the boundaries. They are usually criticized for promoting the culture of violence with how they look. Nevertheless, being a rock star is always about freedom of expression.

Start with the best pair of jeans. Tattered pants are always a huge hit. Some rock stars even prefer studs on their pants. Choosing the right shoes is also a must. Boots are popular especially among southern rock artists. Sneakers are also very popular as they are comfortable on stage. Rock stars tend to move a lot to engage their crowd. Hence, choosing not just the best looking, but also the most comfortable shoes, is a must.

Choosing a signature top is also important. Simple tees with stunning images on them are common. Others pair the shirt up with a leather jacket. Black is also a common shirt color among rock artists. You don’t have to follow the norm though. Adam Levine for instance is popular for his signature plain white shirt. It is simple but he carries it like no other.

Look your best

There was a time when rock stars are synonymous with dark eyeliners. Makeup is already a part of the rock star package. These days though, rock stars may come out without putting any make up on. They are cheered even more for their simplicity in appearance, but stunning vocal ability.

Beards have always been popular. Some rock stars grow really long beards while others grow enough to look more masculine. A cleaner and preppy look won’t hurt. If you decide to go that direction, you might want to get some buying tips from ShaverGuide and purchase the best electric shavers to keep yourself looking clean during your performance.

With these tips, you are now ready to rock the stage.

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Composing A Grunge Song In Your Style

The sub-genre of heavy metal music, the Grunge originated from Seattle during 90s. It descended through the punk bands and proved to be a vibrant alternative. music1There are many famous grunge bands which feature melancholy lyrics, reverberated sounds, exceptional musicality, sludgy guitar riffs and a serene ambient atmosphere. Most importantly, they emphasize on rendering highly influential voices. You can write excellent grunge songs when you decide to listen to some of them. Make sure to find out how they sound. Identify the instrumentation that enhances the quality of a grunge song. It is important to get inspired to write some great songs. If you don’t already have some you will need some musical instruments, you can find reviews of UK products at ThingsWeLove.


For a beautiful composition, attempt both distortion and overdrive. Create a nice blend between the two. Certain amps have the provision for overdrive button. In the case of a constrained budget, choose quality pedal. Use distortion appropriately to offer a good effect. If you go beyond, it might result in heaviness. You must also know the ideal way to utilize a chorus and echo. The non-standard tunings are necessary for creating a powerful song. Choose Eb as it is recommended by many. You can also use unconventional tunings if you are adept at it. You can opt to create a difference but make sure to avoid heaviness.

Bringing about a balance between the power chords is imperative. They form an integral part of the rock music. Do not focus only on three to four power chords to create riffs. Experimenting is the key to creating powerful grunge songs. Make your guitar sound unique. Emphasize on the overall quality of the song. Choose both clean and distorted riffs to bring out that excellent musical experience. All grunge songs comprise a beautiful blend between the two. Keeping your lyrics poetic as well as meaningful is important. You can bring in a personal touch to your verses. Emphasize on the feel of the song to showcase the potentials of the vocalist.

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Arrows Of Love Letting More Musical Waves

The group is creating compositions that are breezy as well as unafraid. The Arrows of Love are celebrating music that is not confined by any boundaries. They have challenged the existing notions with their songs. They do not focus on evolving perfect music, rather they emphasize on excitement. Their attitude has drawn them closer towards success. banner-bandArrows of Love are sure to impress people that way. Their compositions provide a new and unique experience. The music created by the band also bombards captivating words. Listening to Arrows of Love while they are performing live is indeed a beautiful experience if you would like to hear some loud and intense music.


The band has proved that you can enjoy chaotic and noisy music too. You will never be able to guess what’s next in the art riot of Arrows of Love. Their music allows the audience to get thrilled. Many ardent music lovers enjoy their quality of music. Many consider them as a cartoon band that made it possible to provide some vibrant music. The band might not be able to provide soft melodies, but the audience like the Arrows of Love for what they are. They are an entirely different group with a different perspective. Probably, they do not drink from the glass rather look out for the bottle, perhaps using water softeners like those at BestSpy.

The Arrows of Love have never concentrated on creating dexterous music which makes them unique and exceptional. The drummer from the group is unimaginable and fantastic. The two women make the band look cool. Their music has the potential to chew your ears, and many love the band for that experience. They consider the stage beyond a venue. The only gentlest composition of the Arrows of Love, The Knife also explodes with its words. So, they approach music with a difference. They might not be suitable for the weak hearts, but the band can provide some excellent compositions. The Arrows of Love can mesmerize with their deep and dark music too.

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Exploring The Punk Rock Musical Genre

punk rock music

The new culture that embraces the world of music is the punk rock style. They are a unique and different catalog. When listening to the new punk genre, never consider anything. It is a rebellious music. It allows you to fight for what you believe. You can also utilize the music to stand up against the wrong. You require a good humor sense to enjoy punk style genre. Though classic punk, straight edge, psychobilly, hardcore are all punk rock music, each one differs in its way. Explore a bit of all these styles. Identify the websites that can help you experiment with this new category.

punk music

Choose free accounts to listen to more of this music. Log in and then search for your favorite song or the band. Keep listening to an array of compositions to know more about them. There are several classics as well as modern bands that excel in playing the punk genre. Listen to all of them if possible. The punk music puts together the angry and the violent groups. They look for more mainstream attention. Try to know more about the people who belong to your favorite band. They might inspire you for the better. It would be even great if you can listen to some live punk music.

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