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To The First Album And Much More

Arrow of love

Everything’s Fu**ed, the debut album of the Arrows of Love is popular across the globe for a different grade of music. The noisy band provides a beautiful transition in their album. Nima Teranchi, Mike Frank, Rufus Miller, Lyndsey Critchley, and Nuha Ruby Ra have composed the songs. The band that is already renowned for their live programs prove their mettle again in the album. The songs have a rapid changeover that reflects the band’s gushing energy while on stage. Bob Weston, the famous producer from the band Shellac, mastered the album that contains 11 self-recorded tracks. The whole 35 minutes brings spectacular vocals and enviable energy together.

arrow of love1

The album features soaring music that is coupled with sound spirals. The change of pace in the compositions can excite the audience beyond boundaries. The looped electric and guitar riffs blended with the powerful drums can depict the dazzling torrent. The opening song Honey begins slow but soon explodes with the tunes of the guitar. The deep sounds, however, have no rest all through the album. But, once you listen to The Knife, you might change your perception. The song is softer with a beautiful instrumental start. It has been etched with straightforward and slow drum beats. Nima Teranchi’s voice proves to be another melodic instrument.

The overall execution of the album is beyond brilliance. There is a thrilling interplay amidst the two lead singers. The soft rhythm can still make you move. But wait, the song bursts with life at the third minute. The three guitarists create such power and storm. The next cosmic explosion is the following composition Real Friends. It brims with energy and catchy words. The instrumental intensity in the song Conspiracy Podcast is laudable. The album is a fusion of different styles of music that moves from rock, grunge, post-punk, to psychedelic rock. It might look like a buffet for the ardent music lovers.

Knowing More About The Scintillating Single Composition Honey


One of the spectacular musical forms of Arrows of Love is the Honey. When you come to the end of the song, you might wonder how the three and a half minute just passed. The only reaction could be playing it again and again. With the beautiful change of pace blended with soaring energy can attract one to the song. The entire first minute of the composition focuses on instrumental music. It begins with a slow drum beat but soon progresses to murmuring and dark bass line. The song might seem to be soothing, but wait that is only the prelude. Soon, the song explodes its vibrant energy.


There is a small hint of warning before the power of sounds chews your ears. It cannot be more exciting. The three guitarists make their way with some dynamic music. You can hear Nima Teranchi’s mesmerizing voice only after the initial minute. As the vocals arrive, you will see a great passion that drives the entire song. You might soon want to jump and howl around. The song is sure to bring out a grin in all faces. The jubilant and characteristic rock music keeps you on your toes. The genre has certainly become extinct across Great Britain. But the Arrows of Love continue to give the rock music its life.

Then comes the next momentous pace change, you can hear a cannon-fire instrumental. It is followed by the soft vocals of Lyndsey Critchley. The soft honeyed voice also adds to the sultrier tones. Within a moment, get ready to catch the next blaze. Nima grabs the conclusion in his very own style. Your heart rate cannot settle now again. There is a beautiful happiness that is etched all through the song. It allows you to laud the music. The composition creates an eagerness to listen more. The song certainly adds to the enthralling listening experience. The grunge artists take the stage with their simplicity.