Getting To Know More About The Arrows Of Love

arrow of love -honey

The band Arrows of Love is indeed a unique group in the contemporary music world. They are beautiful as well as powerful. They can be ideally referred to a bottled lightning because the band can never be contained. The group brims up with energy and effervescence. The Arrows of Love group has been restless since their origin. They are desperate in making more music with an unfathomable quality. The evolving group has already created high expectations. Their music has no boundaries and limits. They offer a puzzling punch to their songs. They can sing about anything and make it up to sound like a potent concoction.


The Arrows of Love band provides inspirational music. They try a new genre every other day. The group chooses what it requires. They experiment with sounds and music every day. After each of their releases, the band looks forward to more invigorated compositions. The Arrows of Love are ready for the musical battle any day. They do not restrict themselves to playing rock music. Rather, they try different challenging styles. Most importantly, they are intelligent and witty in their musical choices. The Arrows of Love produce such compositions that resonate with the audience. The band wants to instigate a new life with its music.

Wherever they go, the band Arrows of Love is received with so much warmth. Their lovely and trusting music creates magic. The group has performed some amazing tracks like Addict and The Knife. Their first album was released in the year 2014. Bob Weston, from the band Shellac, mastered the album and captured the power and essence of the Arrows of Love. From there, the group was put in line ready to face anything that comes their way. They created brilliant compositions with courage. The best part about the band is they are open to criticism. So far, the Arrows of Love has embraced every facet of music.

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