How to Achieve that Rock Star Look

How to Achieve that Rock Star LookBecoming a rock star is not just about the quality of your voice or the ability to engage the audience during a performance. It is also about the way you look. You must be a complete package the moment you hit the stage. By looking like a rock star, even without opening your mouth yet, people will start screaming and cheering for you.

Find the right outfit

Rock stars are usually comfortable with the way they look. They are not afraid to push the boundaries. They are usually criticized for promoting the culture of violence with how they look. Nevertheless, being a rock star is always about freedom of expression.

Start with the best pair of jeans. Tattered pants are always a huge hit. Some rock stars even prefer studs on their pants. Choosing the right shoes is also a must. Boots are popular especially among southern rock artists. Sneakers are also very popular as they are comfortable on stage. Rock stars tend to move a lot to engage their crowd. Hence, choosing not just the best looking, but also the most comfortable shoes, is a must.

Choosing a signature top is also important. Simple tees with stunning images on them are common. Others pair the shirt up with a leather jacket. Black is also a common shirt color among rock artists. You don’t have to follow the norm though. Adam Levine for instance is popular for his signature plain white shirt. It is simple but he carries it like no other.

Look your best

There was a time when rock stars are synonymous with dark eyeliners. Makeup is already a part of the rock star package. These days though, rock stars may come out without putting any make up on. They are cheered even more for their simplicity in appearance, but stunning vocal ability.

Beards have always been popular. Some rock stars grow really long beards while others grow enough to look more masculine. A cleaner and preppy look won’t hurt. If you decide to go that direction, you might want to get some buying tips from ShaverGuide and purchase the best electric shavers to keep yourself looking clean during your performance.

With these tips, you are now ready to rock the stage.

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